Friday Tutorial - Martin

This Friday tutorial was for us to bring in our work (although it seems that other groups were told not to show anything but verbal say where they want to be) to give the tutors a flavour of where we've been and then say where we aim to head. Martin picked up quickly that I'm a bit of a typenut and said it's actually quite good to be so focused early on. He did ask about any agencies that I could work for and I said the big-league obvious Underware and House Ind but on a smaller scale I have no idea, he responded with a few that I've never heard of.

This kind of proves a point that although I'm slowly getting my footing into what I like I don't quite know where to put it. Realistically, if I do an MA I don't know where I could go with that and going straight into industry has a blurred edge about it that un-nerves me. I like the freedom of university and being able to follow up tracks that interest me without having to think too much about a mortgage or whether I will be feeding myself next month (most of the time anyway). If I do decide on a few companies to work for I can tailor my portfolio for that. That's logical. But, I can't be too certain if a 'portfolio' is what I want to be presenting for my direction in life. Anyway, deep thoughts and lots of rubbing chins required but something that clanged me on the head was the amount of things I've left unfulfilled.

After saying I have a rough quide for my FMP, Martin rightly asked "why not just do it now?". Why not? There's a few things that have been left after an 'official' end has passed but they would definitely still be better produced to the full effect. This spurred me on to go as far as I could with the first brief we received.

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