First Brief - Truth.

We were assigned to

Take a statement (a proposition) and convince us graphically that it is true, or at least likely to be true. So, for example, "it rained at the AUCB on Wednesday 13.09.09" might be presented as a sheet of litmus paper that was left out on 13.09.09 thereby providing evidence of rainfall, overprinted with photographs and documentation of the event.

After a few failed routes of exploration, an idea hit me and stuck. Extremity. To be impressive would have to mean being slightly on the verge of ridiculous. I thought about putting dots on a sheet of paper first, but then thought simply writing the sentence "I will not have wasted my time". Analysing it afterward, the sentence actually meant a lot more than just jumping into my head.

I started on the Friday but because of my part-time job Friday and Sunday evening, I had to plan a few nights of staying up. It was more a mental challenge than a physical and there were definitely a few times when my brain was broken before my arm. Three pens later I now have a sheet of paper as long as my house filled with the sentence. Statistical analysis and photographs to come when I can bare to look at it again.

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