New Academic Year, New Academic Course...

Long time no speak Derrick!

Today was the 'official' beginning of the true third year. As far as progression goes, the jump from Vis Comm FdA to Graphics BA should (fingers crossed) be a successful one. I couldn't sleep last night as it'd be the first time to meet the graphics lot and all the childhood first day at school dreams (no trousers, late getting the bus) came surging back with a vengeance. Thankfully, I managed to dress myself although I did oversleep, probably because it took me so long to nod off.

We had a talk through the structure of the course to echo the short bridging talk we had on Thursday and also got our mits on the first brief which is the familiar double-edged sword of being very open and free. Great to get my teeth into though.

There was also a short exercise to make sure we understood the variance in work and differences between self/other and open/closed briefs and how these criteria work more like a pair of axis. I was a little confused as to what exactly was needed but compensated with some long technical jargon (cartesian coordinate system) and a bit of a pretty presentation method for something quite simple.

It seemed like a 'lets make sure you understand this' exercise, but it was nice to even know a few faces from the 'natural' graffers. Also when I get confused about words, swapping to statistics or numbers helps me rectify the different shades of meaning. It also explains why when I'm flummoxed I can explain the most uncertain methodologies or outcomes in ridiculous percentages. Bit daft.

Anyhoo, I'm off to enjoy my pre-birthday. Twenty-three. What a fogey already.

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Daniel Hodson said...

gonna be keeping an eye on your postings. Shall be interesting to see whats cracking off in your world.

Have a good twenty third. If its anything like last year you wont remember it.

R.I.P Papylon.